The background information, market assessments and securities analyses published by on its websites do not constitute an offer to sell or a solicitation of an offer to buy or sell securities. The statements are based on sources that the publisher deems trustworthy. Nevertheless, liability for financial losses that may result from the use of the statements or share reviews for one’s own investment decision is categorically excluded. We would like to point out that shares are generally associated with risk. Every transaction with warrants, leverage certificates or other financial products even involves extremely high risks. Political, economic or other changes can lead to considerable price losses, in the worst case to a total loss of the invested capital. For derivative products, the probability of extreme losses is at least as high as for small-cap stocks, although the large domestic and foreign stocks can also suffer severe price losses, even to the point of total loss. Any liability claims, including for foreign stock recommendations, derivatives and fund recommendations, are therefore excluded without exception. You should seek further advice before making any investment decision (e.g. from your bank or an advisor you trust). The issuer may hold short or long positions in the discussed share(s). Although the valuations and statements contained in the analyses and market assessments of the 2018 share were prepared with due care, we accept no responsibility or liability for errors, omissions or incorrect information. This also applies to all presentations, figures and assessments made by our interviewees in the interviews.

Disclosure of interests:

The recommendations, interviews and company presentations published on the website are exclusively for advertising purposes and are paid for by the respective companies or so-called third parties. For this reason, however, the independence of the analyses can be called into question. These are by definition only information. Although we make every analysis to the best of our knowledge and belief, as well as to professional standards, we advise you to consult an external independent source for your investment decision. Furthermore, we would like to point out that so-called penny stocks, i.e. shares quoted below 1 EURO, carry serious price risks and are therefore not suitable for inexperienced investors. This applies in particular to all OTC BB values, TSX, ASX and AIM values, which are often analysed by us. These are segments of the highest risk class. Securities quoted there are always threatened by the possibility of a total loss, high volatility and the possibility of low fungibility due to low trading volumes. Exorbitant price opportunities face enormous risks. For this reason, a good portfolio diversification is necessary.

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